Sunday, October 04, 2009


The Japannesse girl
Sitting next to me
Was falling asleep

She tended
To rest her head
On my shoulder

Then she would
Suddenly wake up
And straightened herself
On the airplane’s middle seat

Next to her
Sat my buddy
I think it was him

Because he asked questions
Like he did
And smiled like he did

And I always envisioned him
With a Japanese wife

It must be him
I said to myself
Because we are in heaven

I got up from my seat
And walked down the isle
Towards the restrooms

I noticed a man
Sending me nutritional advice
With a US Daily

I passed him
When I was inside the bathrooms
I saw the ship
With attached keys

I counted the keys
And then I urinated
While in the air

When I was back on my seat
There was the voice
Of a flight attendant
On the intercom saying:
Is there a doctor on board?

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