Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Write about the hetairas she said
Write so they can wake up
Write so we might discover them

All along the conversation
I was trying to figure out
What a hetaira is
But I could definitely feel
More than I could understand

Now that their men
Have been taken down
The hetairas have taken over

They excel in
The art of politics
The art of desire
The art of the eye

The hetairas have been around us
For a very long time

This is
A state of mind

But above all else
It is the workings of
The world


Blog Author said...

whoever told you to write about hetairas, must support that lifestyle in some manner....

hetairas by the way, were high paid cortesans of ancient greece...

Martínez said...

Perhaps... perhaps not...

About being highly paid, what can I say?, history is history.

Hetairas seem as poetic a subject as any other. Hetairas, above all else were, and are, human beings.