Sunday, August 30, 2009


The machinegun toting policeman
Signaled me to stop at the a checkpoint
He asked me for my drivers license
And I took it out of my wallet
And handed it to him

What do you for a living?
He asked
I am writer
I answered
Is this your car?
He pressed on
It is my car
I said

What can you tell me about your radio?
He continued
I can tell you it is a multi-band radio
Okay you can go he said

I drove myself home
But first to the store
To get something to drink

I was thinking
As I drove
I was comparing this episode
With the Feds incident

When I answered the Federales
The occupation question
One them asked
How many works have you published?
I suppose he was the intellectual agent

This time I was ready
And the last time I was ready too
I am always ready

To create a haiku on the spot
Or if I am feeling brave
I can spit out a sonnet in real time

But they always want to know
About the radios
I believe that when all
Is said and done
They’re just children
Like I am just a child
And both they and I
Have always liked walkie talkies

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