Thursday, December 10, 2009


Water is my teleprompt
The sound of many days
Passing by

The sound of many dogs
Approaching to bite me

The wait lines
Inside government buildings

The sound of the stapler
The sound of the gun
The moon & the stars

The distance between us
My aching joints
My aching soul

A dance that took place 20 years ago
The visions
Of my last dance

Listening to an orator
A speaker of the house
The vendors
The buyers of lies

The song on the radio
Yes… that song
About love & hate
War & peace


edna aponte said...

un cactus habla por la radio:poetas ha salido el sol, el sol de cactias, aplausossss (edna apo, desde calafia radio)

Martínez said...


Te mando mis mejores deseos hasta el sur de la península.

1 abrazo,