Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The inspector smiled
Like people do
At birthday parties
Like old people do
At celebrations

You are going shopping he said
My son & I looked at him and smiled

Is he your son?
He asked
He is my son
I answered

The inspector seemed happy
My son seemed happy
I was happy for both of them

But something was not right
Because a Grand Cherokee
Was lifting dust
Was an accident
Was treacherous
Was everything that could go wrong

And my friend’s father
Was on the ground hand-cupped
With a gun to his hand
Being robbed

And a WWII survivor
Told us about world domination
Microchips & immunizations
Laughter & declarations

People all over the world
Are a mixture of smiles & tears
Heart attacks & conceptions
People all over the world
Spinning like DJ’s
Turning the
North & South Poles

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