Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have found something that I was not looking for
It was in the middle of the road
It was time broken in half

It was my present
And my past and everything else
That does exist
That is not what it is

It’s just that sometimes
I get thirsty or hungry
When I’m driving the world
When I’m looking ahead
Way into the things
That don’t quite exist yet

Like flowers that scare police officers
Like the words of Methodist ministers
Advising me to keep my eyes open
When dealing with frightened folks
And when practicing the art of prayer

Open your eyes
Because God is everywhere!

That’s what I thought
As he spoke to me
Clad in his black suit
He looked so cool
Like the men in black do

This man
With the perfect wife
And his intelligent son
Speaking to me
About his trade

It seemed to me
That he knew what he
Was talking about
Perhaps he knew
His words would save my life
On the highway

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