Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am not like that
Said the security guard
Like what? I thought to myself
The guard continued

I always have behaved myself
You can’t work that hard
Just to waste it all away
He looked at me
Speaking and trying to make sure
I would understand his reasons
Hoping that I would say something
I could tell he wanted me to say something
And I did not know what to say
But when it sounded like he was choking
I said: I understand
He relaxed a little and continued with his monologue

And I thought to myself
How much I wanted to be out of there
How much I wanted to tell him: enough!
Don’t give me explanations
I am not asking you to do this
You don’t have to do anything
You don’t want to do

But then I thought on how
I was there and did not wanted
To be there but it was the best
For the moment

I asked if he had
A list of phone numbers
For the different departments?

He looked at me and said
I am usually not assigned here
Then he grabbed a piece of paper
And scrolled down on it
Using his index finger

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