Tuesday, December 22, 2009


To Penélope Cruz.

Friendship is knowing what to do
Like when you are dreaming
With Penelope Cruz
And she’s asking you for money
At a liquor store
Because you guys were partying
And went across the street
To buy more drinks

And you know
You don’t have any money
And you say to her

“Penelope, I was going to ask you the same thing!”

But she just looks at you strangely
And pretends not to notice
What you have just said
And goes on as if nothing has happened
And that’s exactly what happened: nothing

That’s why
She buys a pack of cigarettes
And you guys continue partying

First at the house
That looks something like the
House you used to live in

Then you walk
Bar hopping
Together in the city
Through the night
And even though this is not your favorite thing to do
Because you rather be at home reading or writing
And perhaps not even her favorite thing to do
Since she probably rather be making movies
Or sleeping 11 hours a day

You continue together
Smiling at strange people
And walking into strange places
And both of you know
That this sort of thing
Is better done like this
Than alone

The problem with dreams is
How to resolve complicated situations
Without ruining the dream
For example the dream with Penelope Cruz
Went fairly good
It was to an extent
Very smooth
But when you dream

That you are arriving at your friends pad
And you are sleeping on his couch
But you found Robin Williams
Sitting where you sleep
You have a dilemma

How to continue with your mission
Which is to sleep
Without disturbing your friend’s guest
Without ruining your dream

So you go out with your friend
And his friends (Robin Williams) of who you are a fan
And you go with them
To have dinner at your host’s restaurant
And there’s a fight
But this time there’s no bullets
Flying across the tables
But food
Food all over the place
On the patrons faces
On the floor
On the chairs
On the windows
On the patron’s clothing

And you walk away from
That wasteful place
And you noticed that this
Was also a successful dream
Because you friend is not upset with you
Robin Williams thinks your pleasant fellow to be around
And you know you are going back
To waiting and comfortable sofa

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