Friday, March 27, 2009


“Hey sunshine!”

I looked around
To find the source
Of that voice

Those feminine
Vocal chords
That uttered
Those words

I greeted her
She was young
Blond & pretty

I have never
Seen this one before

Then she tried
To sell me
A spa package

She said
That she could
Even give me
A massage

I thank her
And she gave me
Her business card

I knew she
Would not buy
A microwave radio

She was selling me
A microwave service


Blog Author said...

some people only want to sell, others only like to buy, if we could only balance both activites we would be complete.
Greetings on a sunny friday afternoon... dont let the DOSX models entice your concetration. Lets be mindful.

Martínez said...

About the models,

Those poor girls... the consensus here is that they are cold because of their garments.

About the balance...

They say it's all about the law of offer & demand. Do you believe them?