Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sounds like
Sound advice to me

Sounds like
The music of success

Sounds like
A sound machine

Sound pretty & sexy
Sounds like it should

I rather think of it this way
Otherwise the sound will remain
Regardless of anything & everything
You say or do

The sound of morality
The sound of correction
The sound of work
The sound of what is right


And we beat the
Herd of deer
To the top of the mountain

It was still dark
When I was offered coffee
And I drank it
With the cold dawn

It was still dark
As I checked my rifle
And handled my knife
Very carefully

It was still dark
As we climbed
The rough terrain
And I fell in love
With the boulders

It was still dark
As I thought
Of yesterday
Of how I pulled the trigger
And how I missed

It was still dark
But we weren’t late
Because we spotted them

We saw them climbing
Straight towards us
Towards our intentions
Towards our stomachs
Towards our desires
Towards our wagers
Towards our rifles

But it was not dark anymore
Because I could see them
Through my cross hairs
And if I moved them
A little to the right
Or a little to the left
I would see new images
On my scope
They stood there
Frozen like brand new cars

And then…
The sound
Yes that sound
That accompanies the flash
And the push
That playful push
Similar to that
Of an annoyed lover

And the mountain
Became a disco
Because everybody was dancing
And even though we
Could no see them
There were others among us
Making music
With their music machines

And I stood there
On top of the wilderness
And I thought the gun
On my hands
Must be a guitar
Because my knees
Were shaking

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