Friday, March 27, 2009

4 AM

The singing bird
This morning competes
With the Wall Street Journal
Radio show

They play an excerpt
Of a song that says:

“I need you”
“I need you”

They played it twice
And I understand why
It is because
The like winning

But the bird sings
Longer & better
And it’s definitely
A natural

I walk outside
To congratulate
The winner
But it flies away

So I enter the kitchen
And drink some water
Then go back to sleep
But it starts singing again

I go outside
It flies away
I go back inside
And read out loud
Then I go to bed


Blog Author said...

Some interesting comings and goings arouse the imagination at 4AM :)
Great night verse.

Martínez said...

(W)e are beginning to discover the truth that in great works of the imagination A CREATIVE FORCE IS SHOWN AT WORK MAKING OBJECTS WHICH ALONE COMPLETE SCIENCE AND ALLOW INTELLIGENCE TO SURVIVE


When in the condition of imaginative suspense only will the writing have reality . . . – Not to attempt, at that time, to set values upon the word being used, according to presupposed measures, but to write down that which happens at that time –

William Carlos Williams