Thursday, November 27, 2008


Dance the African dance
Dance in the Safari
Giving thanks in the bush
See the lions
Grateful for their large supplements
Still moving to the rhythm
This body will nurture
Their feline strength

Ponder the game of survival
The sparks initiated
By the will the participate
In the extraction of energy
Of this organic mass
That emanates wonderful
Units of electricity

Feed upon the light
Of courage
Digest the impulses
Of desperation
Bite chunks off
Large pieces of insolence
Meditate on the fragments
Of disrespect
Lodged between their fangs

Gorge now
Because a dish like this
Is very strange indeed &
We don’t know
What tomorrow will bring

Beings from the wild
Consider the open eyes
Of the prey
Judge for yourselves
If this meat
Is not nutritious
The necessity of it
For us to continue
Walking on the land
Of this radiant continent

Do not chew in anger
But ponder the need
For this our nourishment
It is good for all of God’s creation

Think about this my furry friends
As you tap that rich source of sustenance
For the food you are eating
Will make it leaner
Because nature has endowed you
As master craftsmen
Of this being
Taking away the excess of imprudence
Making of it a beautiful work or art
A skeleton worthy of love
And tenderness
A proper relic to be had
In one’s home
Located at the right place
With the cleansing of oil &
Prayers of thanksgiving

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