Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We sat facing each other
She smiled at me & I smiled back
Then she began to play with her hair
Using her fingers as a curler iron
& I kept smiling for her
& then I looked through the windows
She began to play
Putting her finger inside her mouth
Trying ferociously to recapture my attention
But there is always other amusing
Miracles to look at
& she pulled the string
& the bus stopped
& she was gone forever
& I was beginning to feel comfortable
When 2 precious girls sat next to me
1 to my right
The other 1 to my left
Instinctively I tried to get up
And move to another seat but
They were both sitting on
The flaps of my jacket
And I could not takeoff
They were commandeered
By an old woman wearing a shirt
With a recycle symbol on it
Who was sucking on a lollipop
& looking straight at me
& all of them began to play with
Their hair….
But I was more concerned with
The prettiest princess sitting
In the corner holding a notebook
On her lap that said “English”
Nervously covering love poems
The she had written on her hand
& she was having none of this
But she was sighing…
& I was nailed down to my seat
Thinking about the heavenly woman
Who is now living in my heart

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