Friday, September 26, 2008


She eats
With her friend
There’s nothing sexier
Than watching a skinny girl eat

Her toenails are decorated
With the mystery color
Of radiance
Each of her toes
A mine of desire

Her friend is a bit too young
But the skinny one is hungry
And she walks just perfect
And she feels just right
And she has the perfect figure
The shape of a guitar
Crafted by a master

I like the tone of her voice
The high pitch is amusing
It’s sexy
It will blend well
In the Mediterranean

Aerodynamic nose
This is good for the runway

If she’s beautiful wearing scrubs
She be a killer wearing
A night dress
Oh did I tell you the way
She licks her fingers
And the color of her fingernails?

Too beautiful to be a doctor?
No… I think she just right

Innocence is true beauty
If lost
There’s a tremendous void
A macabre crater in the moon
A cavity for
A pool of sadness

So leave her alone
Don’t touch her!

Her beautiful bronze face
Deserves fullness
And richness
She’s worthy
Of a great treasure
Worthy of the
Fortune of simplicity

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