Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Retirement allows
The subject to remember
A beautiful FBI agent
She looked just like the bionic woman
But only prettier
Perhaps an improved clone
Of Lindsay Wagner
Of all places this happened
In Portland Oregon
What a delightful coincidence
I remember she was holding
A 38 with her exquisite hand
Wearing those popular
Windbreakers with the name
Of her employer on the back
Standing on the sidewalk
Looking up at a window
Securing a building
I and walked passed her
And she has the most striking smile
In the whole world
And I decided to kiss her
And she let me get close to her
She was the only beauty there
The rest were dangerous brutes with guns
Including the ones hiding in the building
So I thought the proper thing to do
Would be to returned her smile
Even though she had slightly increased
The opening of her lips
And I could fully see
The precious set of teeth
Like the ones Solomon describes in
His Song of Songs
Through the years I have seen her
At different places
And she looks better than ever


Blog Author said...

nice goings and writings
keep it up
always enjoy reading these storys

Martínez said...

Thank you much.