Monday, July 06, 2009


I saw the old man drinking coke
Once again tonight
This time there was no commentary
From my boys

I figured he got to reach old age
Because of the same reason George Burns did
And not from drinking the cola drink

Nonetheless I thought of you again
Because one member of the group
Who was next to us
Had your profile & school girl manners

And wondered if I would need to write
Some sort of similar letter
To a future grandchild

Always thought of writing letters to my children
But this was the first time
I entertained the idea of my children’s offspring

I asked if they liked
This movie better than yesterdays flick
They said they liked them both about the same

On our way home
We stopped at our favorite taco stand
There was a woman in a red car
She seemed to be waiting for us

We did not pay much attention
Because we were hungry
And wanted to eat some carne asada

The kids got the table
They follow the protocol flawlessly
And I felt so proud

The woman in red had an attendant with her
They both got out of their vehicle
And sat close to us

We won she said
And her friend took out his cell phone
And make some calls

We won all over the state she said
As we bit the best red meat in the world
And cars honking and weaving flags
Were driving by & the boys began
To make comments about bread


Marinela said...

Enjoyed this poem !!!!!

Martínez said...

Thank you Marinela!