Thursday, July 09, 2009


I found contrition once again
Hidden inside a service book
In the Buddhist temple
As they meditated I tried not to
Make too much noise
As I flipped the pages

I understand more why people meditate
It is to keep their sanity
Their meditation was lulling me to sleep
But I was not there to fall asleep
I was there to find the word I was
Looking for

Afterwards we drove to a restaurant
Its walls were decorated with skulls
We sat on a table next to a bar
Ordered our food & drinks
And began to consider life
Our food arrived and we began eating
And talking about existence

That’s looks good
Said one of the girls sitting next at the bar
My friend took her task for their innuendo
And made them order fish
The same as him

The bartender felt somewhat threatened
As he clamored for their attention
My friend told him to behave
Or he would tell the owner he was interfering
With the customers good ambiance

My girlfriend is a technical writer he said
And she took me to a poetry reading
But I did not like it
I did not feel like applauding the poets
There were just words without any feeling
I asked him if he liked his meditation ways
And he said yes
Then I think you will like haiku

I told him about the 5-7-5 rule
About the day and night
About the time of year
About how it should say so much
With so little
And he came out was this:

La Calaca

Las chicas guapas
Hambrientas de nosotros
Noche brillosa

Then the owner came to our table
And asked if everything was fine
He said yes
I said yes
And we talked about cinema
And about the haiku
Send it to me she said
I will place it next to the skulls

Then she invited us to her office
We talked about Benedetti & Jorodosky
The barman also entered and identified
Himself as a middleman
He seemed a little nervous
But I shook his hand
And told him I would like
To do business with him

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