Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is my friend Juan
He is a poet and he can help you
With your Spanish lessons today

Just for today?
She asked
But Fernando left the living room

I sat on the chair
She sat across from me on the sofa
What are you having problems with?
I asked
Conjugating verbs she said
I suggest we begin speaking Spanish right now
Estoy cansada
She said
¿Por qué estás cansada?
I asked
Mmm how do you say school in Spanish?
Okay then: porque yo escuela
¿Porqué estás es la escuela?
I was in school

What you are trying to say is you are tired
Because you were at school?
I asked

Okay then you can say it like this:
Estoy cansada porque estuve en la escuela
She repeated the sentence
And I liked her pronunciation

Later that night at the bar
Fernando asked about haiku
Once again

5/7/5 is that right Juan?
That is correct Fernando
Can we write one right now?
I said

And we came out with this:


El río grita
Dentro de mis entrañas
Cielo nublado

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