Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I waited at the school gate
And I saw a school girl
Hugging my son

He did not seemed embarrassed at all
Then I think I saw her
Give him a kiss on his cheek
But I wasn’t sure
Maybe she was just telling him a secret

I entered the school and approached them
She was hugging him alright
And he was just standing there
Looking good
Posing chic

This sort of thing did not happen to me
Till I was in 5th grade
He’s on 3rd grade and he’s already
Under the arms of an admirer

I need to have a father to son talk with him
I didn’t suspect it would have to
Be this early


ScrinS said...

Sin entender este bello idioma siempre me parecen bellos tus poemas.

Te dejo un abrazo

Martínez said...

Quizá porque la belleza es algo que también se intuye.

Martínez said...

Y los abrazos siempre son recíprocos...