Saturday, June 06, 2009


Este vato es poeta
De los cabrones
Está bien perro
Empezó desde morro

I did not know what to make
Of the introduction
But I think I took it
As a compliment

The guy in the new truck
Just looked at me and said
Nice to meet you
And I replied likewise
Then he drove away

Then my friend said that he was
Sorry about the interruption
That the fellow was
A client of his
And that he
Needed to take care of him

I told him
It was fine with me
And then he asked me
What he could help me with
And I told him I had come
To reimburse him

He then changed the conversation
And asked me if I was happy
And I answered yes

Then he explained to me
The things that make him happy
And they were perfectly
Understandable things
Like the sea
Competition sports
And sex

Then his neighbor
Opened a window
And began to play guitar

He’s kind of crazy my friend said
He looks happy to me I said

Yes he’s happy but he’s odd
He has this dog that lives with him
But he hardly feeds it
He says he doesn’t want her
To get fat

But since you speak English I think
You might get along with him
He’s a veteran

We continue chatting about
When we were children
And about the need for exercise

When I paid him
He said thank you
He told me he appreciates
The difficulty of delving into poetry
Day by day

We shook hands and said goodbye
He returned to his world of numbers
I returned to my
Wars with words


ScrinS said...

Me encanta la primera estrofa, está llena de fuerza.

Un abrazo

Martínez said...

Así hablan por estos rumbos... con fuerza...

1 abrazo.