Sunday, June 07, 2009


There were 2 gamming tables
I suggested poker
But they looked at me strangely

It is understandable
There were children present

But we played a game board
In which the one
With more trains on Europe
Would win

I never played that game before
But I had a good instructor
And at one point
I was even winning

I enjoyed the cow we ate
Spices always make
Such an endeavor
A tasteful practice

And the beer was also good
Enjoyed the good company
And the suspicious company too

The chocolate cake was a success
I couldn’t refuse coffee after that treat
Caffeine & alcohol
Have a peculiar effect

I thought about this
As I sat and watch the boys
Play videogames

There were so many games
One had its own waterfalls
And little boats full of gems
Being lost in the mists
Of the cascades

I recognized the music
Even though I had a feeling
We had a remote DJ
But nonetheless it was also good

At the end
The kids were explaining to us
Why they like science fiction movies
We sat and watched one with them
It had special effects


Marinela said...

Nice poem :):)

Martínez said...

Thank you very much...