Monday, May 04, 2009


The bicycle wheels turned
Like cartoon eyes
Like spinning rocks
Like flying saucers

All the way to the park
And we continued
Riding our bikes
Till will grew tired
And climbed a tree

On the tree
I felt like I was
On top a bull
On an ecological rodeo

I thank my son
For inviting me up there
And I asked him if
He could see the horns
And the tail
Of the bull under me

He said yes
And grabbed the bull
By the horns
I grabbed its tail
And we rode
Above the ground

Flying with
The birds

And we were happy up there
And we read the names
Written on the branches
Of our tree

The beautiful house wives
Walked on the streets
Pushing their strollers
With beautiful babies
And beautiful smiles

Beautiful everybody
Exerting in the park
Some run & others
Walk their dogs
Some stretch
They stretch their limbs
And it looks painful
No one seem afraid of illness

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