Tuesday, May 05, 2009


People move like ants
On the corridors of life
On the walkways of selections
And refusals

On the paths
Of savings & expenses

The expenditures
Of life
The investments
Of energy

Red & black ants
Proving their future
And capturing
The eye of God
When He wore sandals
And had a long beard
And long hair

People everywhere…

Don’t look at them
My friend said
There’ the ones
Looking at me
I told him

I look at their faces
And find difficult poems
That make me forget about food
That make me concentrate
On the poetry of
Their existences

Forget about them
Concentrate on your self
The thought lands
On my mind

A mind that has become
A garden
A racetrack
A bookshelf
A generator of acts

Forget about
That stem cell
The thought lands
On my eyes
With a red glare
And a coffee smile

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