Friday, April 03, 2009


The girl with the black boots
Orders a bagel
With ranch salad dressing

Her boots
Are black and shinny
She’s leathered up almost
All the way up to her knees

When she crosses her legs
She looks like a dominatrix
She smokes tinny cigarettes
And the smoke
Caresses her dark
Turtle neck

I get up from the sofa
And walk to bathroom
I leave my poem
On the table

And while I watch
My urine making ripples
And listen to the stream of liquid
Hitting the toilet water
I wonder if she’s reading
What I am writing
About her

When I come out of the bathroom
There is old woman waiting by the door
She looks at me
I look at her and walk
Back to my sofa

And I suspect the boot lady
Must of read part of my poem
Because now she has
A nervous smile on her face
When she looks my way

I like how she bites
That bagel
Her jaws are decisive
She tells her friend she hungry

She even manages
To smile as she chews
And she bites again

She must have a strong metabolism
Because she’s skinny
With long legs
An impressive stance
And hungry
Very hungry


Blog Author said...

description, always comes trough on your narratives, I could imagine those black leather boots... good detail to enhance this story, it makes the rest stand out... like they say, God is in the details...

Martínez said...

Thank God for He is the One that opens our eyes...