Thursday, April 02, 2009


The old woman walks in
She looks at me
And says she’s sorry

Then she proceeds
To the cashier and
Asks for money
She needs it
For cancer treatment

She walked out
Walked away
And I could taste
Her sadness
In my cup of coffee

I see this
On top of the islands
On the entrance
On the hill
On the inside
Of the doors
There’s she is
Pregnant & beautiful
With a pen sticking out
Like an antenna
From her head

I found you Monika
With the correct
Equations written
On your eyes

And you Marcos
You look
Like a prime candidate
To sing inside a 4x4
Humming the melodies
I think you may have the rhythm

I walk outside the supermarket
And the fellow under
The red truck say
This is leaking water


ScrinS said...

Un poema bellísimo muy intenso, sensible. Me ha emocionado mucho, está lleno de amor.
El poema anterior no lo entendí bien.

Martínez said...

Gracias... hacemos lo que podemos..