Monday, December 08, 2008


Waiting in line
At the cash register
The smiley girl next to me
Wears a potent perfume that
Almost makes me sneeze

If she wasn’t standing
So close
Things would be fine

Once I paid
I hurried up pushing
My shopping cart towards
My bicycle

I noticed the
Owner of a boutique
Looking at me
So I hurried up & picked up speed
Almost the to the point of running

I heard my name being yelled
So I looked over my shoulder
And there she was
Waving her hands at me

I made a 360 with my shopping cart
And strolled towards her
And she said she wanted to thank me
For telling her
Everything was going to be fine
Not the be afraid
And that things were okay
I told her that I am happy for her
That is a good think to get rid of fears

And before she thought about
Asking me for a hug
I said goodbye
And quickly continued on my path
Towards my bike
And I was thinking of you

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