Sunday, December 07, 2008


One of life’s greatest pleasures is to drive
The negotiations of invisible corners
And unknown road obstacles

When the truth is withheld
The mode of movement
Is always by intuition

Always remotely

There are vehicles that you love
To touch
To steer
To guide

Instruments that become
And extension of your body
Of your existence

They’re always kept
And protected
In house

Works of art
Render untouchable

Only reserved for
The best vocation
For highest orders
For spiritual realities
Vessels of high degree

The others
You have to lease to strangers
High risk contracts
Always with depreciation
Short life span

If they break
They will break on the competition
Explode on their faces
Or their asses
Burn their houses &
Sabotage their plans

Some creations are meant to be destroyed
Vessels of disposable degree
The Japanese understood this
When they implemented the kamikaze

Kiss my enemies
And do what you
Know how
To do best

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