Sunday, December 14, 2008

The following is for my lovely friend…..


My arms can hold
The waist of love
Denim clad hips
The darkest skin

I have never loved
A dark woman
A brown woman
A desert woman
An eastern woman
An African woman

I think it’s time
For this
For more
Of this to occur

Possibilities in
A time machine

To take place
In the chambers
Of my soul

Sun bathed pigmentation
Of togetherness

The humidity of her pores
Will become coffee
In my mouth

If others have mistreated you
I will love you!

Daughter of the sand dunes
Maiden of the shadows
Mother Africa
Sister sun

Silvia in the ceiling of my eyes
Silvia of the skies
Silvia conqueror of deceit
Silvia light of my thoughts
Silvia front of passion
Silvia you’ll be the first because of this
Silvia with the most beautiful face in the world
Silvia do not conceal your splendor


I write your name 1 thousand times
In the night’s sky
My personal blackboard
For the codification
Of your beauty

I see you in every flower
In every rock
In the sea
In the mountains
I see you always
On the nature of my path.

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