Monday, July 31, 2006


To my sister and brother
Luisa & Chad

Marriage changes all things
Godly alliance
In flesh & blood
Supernatural strength
Of families that
Grow in the
Tree of existence
Unerasable miracle
That transforms
The souls of many
That makes 2 nations
Become 1
An invincible 1
Because love
Affects all things
In the universe
And even the angels
Are struck with awe
Because they know
They can’t taste
The flavors of matrimony
No matter what you do
You can’t ever
Destroy marriage
You can only alter it
It would be
Like trying to erase the sun
Like trying to
Obliterate the
Waters of
The 7 seas
Marriage conquers
Many wars
The obstacles in marriage
Are pieces of food
Along the way
That make you healthy
That make you stronger

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