Thursday, July 02, 2009


The man on the entrance with sunglasses was talking on a cell phone, he greeted us as we passed him by, his badge was next to his tie, I did not bother to read his name. We entered the building and I saw the girl, the girl that walks with her eyes. I thought I would never see her again and I was happy because she had endured. I was happy to see her inside her dream.

At the security desk one of the guards was suspicious of me, but the Native American was a believer, he smiled as he gave me a visitor badge, and walked with me through the glances & cautious smiles of office workers. The guard opened the office door and said:
A voice from inside said:
“Come in”
I entered and saw my friend smiling. The guard disappeared & a secretary fill his void. I did not trust her.
“Sit down” said my friend.
“I rather not” I said.
“That’s fine… tell my about your project”
“Not here”
“Do you want some coffee?”
“Follow me”

We walked pass the front desk and headed towards a reading room where there were two coffee makers. We filled the Styrofoam cups and exited towards the garden. We sat on the table next to a window and a window washer appeared.
“I hope you understand” I said.
“I do” he said.
“What you want to do” I asked.
“Unknown voices towards known destinations… transmissions towards the ether”
“That sounds good, but I think you need help”
“I know”
“You want me to set up a station?”
“Maybe we can do it with the net”
“That’s a good idea”
“I have to get back before they get upset”
“Relax, have fun, remember that you are not alone”
“Thank you”
“You are welcome”
I walked back to the security desk but the two fellows were not there anymore. 3 girls were now on duty and one of them looked so much like you.

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