Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Americans stock pile on beer
And they look so happy
And I am happy for them
Because they deserve it

Everybody deserves it
If they like to race let them race
And drink from those bottles
Filled with sunshine
Let them flee for their commercial bondage

As for me I’ll keep watch over
The extremely attractive girls
They enter & exit as I try to slice up poems

The tall one with penetrating eyes
Keeps looking my way
Locking her black pupils
With the eye of my heart

These girls are on a race of their own
And if I was the judge
I would give the grand prize
To the one sitting to my left
I like the way her eye liner flows
Over her native features

And they keep coming & going
Their esthetic brains working
Like day laborers just before a strike

Ah the one with fair skin
She wears the net on her legs
The net that will catch the imagination of men
And overthrow a multitude of principles

And the men look more afraid than the women
And the children look the happiest
Because they race with their imaginations
And their victories cause no damage
Neither hurt nor pain
The children triumphant &
Modification of our future

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