Wednesday, October 01, 2008


The most gorgeous
Creatures on earth
Sitting with me
Feeding me
Looking at me
Theirs eyes are
As delicious
As the food
That greets my taste buds

They have enslaved my attention
I watch their emotions
Working around the kitchen
Seasoning what I eat

They speak to each other
Their words sounding
Like bells
Like Buddhist bells

They smile at me
They take care of me
The energy of
Their message
Has an intention
Of velocity
Their momentum
Makes them even
More beautiful
So pretty
That they levitate
Around the table
Like Greek statues
Human goddesses

None of this is
Of my own doing
But if they are happy
I will be happy with them
Happy for them
If they cry
I will cry with them
I will cry for them
I can decipher their magic
But I rather enjoy it
And taste it
And listen to it
Be a witness
Of its grandiose effects
Of its great heights
Of its dangerous descent
But know I’ll study
Their spices
Their ingredients
Of love
These 2 sisters
Have an unsurpassed touch
Floating in my soup bowl


Blog Author said...

this one is very good
I like
nice times and writings reading this one

Martínez said...

Thanks… you know, it’s very hard being a poet, but someone has to do it.

Martínez said...
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Catalina Zentner said...

Why don't You put a translation in spanish too?

It's better for a several numbers of readers.

I'll see again...

Martínez said...

Welcome Catalina,

I rather work another poem in Spanish rather than translate this one. When you translate you create a new poem. I feel that’s not fair to the several numbers of readers. It just wouldn’t be the same.

All the best,