Monday, September 04, 2006


Just like rich children
Wanting to belong
Wanting to hug their poor offspring
Hating & loving each other
Both being afraid
But what they really want
Is to kiss
1 another

Just to be friends because
They want to belong
Eat & drink & be marry just like
Solomon advices everyone to do so

What a mistake is not to be friends
That’s why this electronic beat
Rushing from within the speakers
Perseveres in transcendental fellowship
And the action of embarking into
A marvelous opening of the eye

With exquisite glances of remembrance
Because forgetfulness
Becomes a disposable joy
Just like walking on
The line of patience
Waiting for nothing in particular

Peculiar liquid moments
I am talking about when
Rural becomes beautiful
For non other reason than
The simplicity of the will

Inviting more eyes to
Join the miracle of discovery
Because here
Summer never ends
Like camping on seldom
And scattered stars

Interesting looking
Oriental letters
Or whatever has that
Eastern tang
That you can eat
Or drink or inhale
In the most conservative
Moves and steps
And swing with
All that feeling

After all this is
A decision for celebration
It doesn’t matter
If the circumstances
Are like 2 baby twins
Eating chocolate
And greetings are inside
An envelope with
Wet wishes

It is okay
If sensuality resides
In feminine feet
And then hides
Inside the mysteries
Of the girl’s stomach
Because everyday
Is your birthday

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