Thursday, April 27, 2006


Across countries
And state—lines
With the border patrol
More serviceable
Than ever

They did not
Stopped nor
Searched us
Just chanted
Their canonical questions

Therefore I can go
Across the lines
Of your body
And the delineation
Of your intentions

And I can
Watch you
Open like
A flower

Across our
Uncertain future
And you can not
Detained me
Because I travel
With an engine
Of love
Running with
The hope of victory

Across your breastplate
There is no deflection
And it feels
Like God
Is touching
Your objectives

Across the interstates
Of profit
With visions
Of poverty

The mountains
Of lies
And the smoke
From my cigarette
Tells me
I still want you
Like cancer

The minds of millions
Who have claimed back
This American land
This our home

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